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azctf's Journal

Az Capture the Flag Fun Club
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This is the Arizona Capture the Flag LJ community.
Servicing all your CtF Needs since 1847

This is a real Life Capture the flag club, this has nothing or at least very little to do with Video game Capture the flag.

So, what's the point?
we are organiasing to actually play Capture the flag.

This idea has been described by many things:
Sweet, Neat, Fun, Immature, Cute, Silly, Exciting, Amazing, Childish, and Completly Stupid.

Once This club hits the critical number of about... 30 or so people, the founders (a small group of people), will start setting up the games. Hopfully we can get member imput and decied from there how exactly to play the game. Most likely the rules for each game will be diffrent, in order to allow for maximum fun.

That's the bottom line, we want to have fun.

This is a daughter site to: azfun
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